food division

In terms of Revenue generation capability Aujan Food International’s (AFI) Food Division plays the role of the core business among the four sales & distribution related businesses in our company. From its humble beginnings of 1984 with only a handful of food brands, today the division represents global/regional powerhouse brands such as: Anchor Milk Powder(Fonterra), Britannia, Delmonte, Planters, Maxwell House, Chupa Chups, Twinings, Camel Nuts, Fantastic, Meadow Lea, and Golden One Edible Oils.

With a sales force strength of more than 50 staff, the AFI Food Division reaches every nook and corner of Bahrain and boast the highest retail penetration at the traditional trade level among the four divisions. Apart from the strong and experienced field sales management team that AFI possesses, one of the pivotal strengths of this division is in its well-trained sales & merchandising teams. Furthermore, in order to provide greater focus on each of the brands we market, the AFI team has been split into two sub-divisions.

The hallmark of AFI’s success to date is amply manifested in attracting new suppliers to its stable over the last ten years. This can also be attributed to its customer relationship building capability and in-market execution of Sales & Distribution plans. Be it modern trade or traditional trade, the AFI team has built lasting bonds that have paved the way for many new brands to get established within the Bahrain market.

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