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Mondelēz International Inc. (NASDAQ: MDLZ) is one of the world’s largest snack companies, with a global net revenue of $34 billion in 2014. The company’s dream is to create moments of joy with each one of its products. Over 100,000 employees are the foundation of this dream by helping create and market delicious food and beverage products for consumers in over 165 countries worldwide.

Mondelēz International Inc. is a world renowned manufacturer of snacks with leading market shares in every category that they compete in. The company holds the number one positioning globally in biscuits, chocolates and candy as well as the number two position in chewing gum. About three-quarters of the company’s annual revenue is generated in the fast-growing biscuit, chocolate, candy and chewing gum categories, and nearly 40% of sales being generated in higher-growth emerging markets.

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Middle East Operations

Mondelēz International and its predecessors have had a presence in the region ever since Kraft Foods sold its first canned cheese in the region as early as 1912. Alongside the artifacts in a museum dedicated to Dubai’s heritage, there is, for instance, a Kraft cheese can dating back to 1915 on display in Al Fahidi Fort, reflecting the enduring popularity of the brand in the region. In those days, Kraft cheese were imported from Iraq and Syria and shipped to Kuwait and Dubai via boats.

Mondelēz International has intensified its focus on the region in the last decade. In 2000, Mondelēz International, then known as Kraft Foods, set up an office in Dubai to manage operations in the Middle East. A decade later, the same HQ expanded to be home to the Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa (EEMEA) region.

The Middle East is projected to be the fastest-growing snacking market in the world. The business within the region has already been witnessing a very healthy, double-digit growth rate. Which is why, Mondelēz International intends to fast track products and bring more global innovations into the region.

The office is responsible for operations, sales and distribution in 15 countries across the region including:

• Saudi Arabia, Gulf and Pakistan
• Growth markets such as Algeria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Sudan

The company employees over 1,200 people in the region with more than 40+ nationalities and operates manufacturing facilities in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

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A Manufacturing Powerhouse in the Middle East

Mondelēz International opened its state-of-the-art Kraft Cheese and Tang powdered beverage manufacturing facility in Bahrain in 2008. A proud, founding tenant in the Bahrain International Investment Park, the plant has since been expanded several times with investments now totaling more than $75 million. In addition, the plant has contributed more than $250 million to the Bahraini economy through wages, the purchase of local materials, shipping and distribution services.

One of the largest internationally owned snacks plants in the Middle East and the largest in the food and beverage sector in Bahrain, the plant can make up to 110,000 tons of high-quality Kraft Cheese and Tang each year for sale in the Middle East. That is the equivalent weight of more than 11 Eiffel Towers in Paris. The output of the company in 2014 was 75,000 tons.

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Manufacturing ‘Lines of the Future’

Mondelēz International has chosen the Kingdom of Bahrain as the preferred location for constructing a large biscuit plant to supply growing markets in the Middle East and Africa. This plant which will be fully operational in early 2016, will cost $90 million to develop and will create as many as 300 direct jobs in the first phase, and hundreds more of indirect jobs within the local economy.

Like other state-of-the-art Mondelēz International manufacturing facilities, the plant is scalable. It will supplement the existing Kraft Cheese and Tang powdered-beverage plant located nearby that has been operational since 2008.

  • New plant location: Bahrain International Investment Park
  • Production capacity: Almost 90,000 tons per year (equivalent to the weight of 9 Eiffel Towers in Paris)
  • Plot area: 250,000 square meters (2.7 million square feet; roughly the size of 30 football pitches)
  • Key markets: Gulf Arab region, Levant and Africa

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